Walker Wooding


I won't ask how you got here or what you're doing here. If you got lost or meant to find me, then take off your shoes, and chill out for a bit.

First, whether you're here to take in pieces and stories or bring me in to work with you on them, have a look at the content. And then, by all means, use this page to connect with, follow, or find me.

Second, this page also allows me to introduce you to stuff I'm working on, and other stuff I'm thinking about doing.

And finally, up until recently, words on pages have been the main street I've journeyed. Those travels have been much about pursuing as well as penning memories, voices, and moments. So you see, although my background is writing, the ground I've been standing on is stories. That started working as a staff reporter and freelance writer. That's evolving into exploring how sound moves us and how we listen to stories. I've not put "writing" aside, just adding another way of writing/storytelling to the mix.

Before you leave, remember your visit with me. I'd like for you to come back again and again. And I'll do my best to keep this page up to date. You may even see some changes the next time you come back.

Walker Wooding